Placement Process

Placement Process

In IIMS the campus recruitment is completed in following different steps:

  • The placement department sends placement invitation letters to the companies enclosing a brief summary of the courses available at IIMS.
  • The Placement Performa (PFA) is required to be filled in by the company. The completed form along with a brief company profile, job profile and details about campus recruitment drive is to be sent by the company to the Placement Office.
  • The company can visit the campus for a Pre-Placement Talk either before the selection processes or can combine it with the final recruitment.
  • On receiving information file, the placement office announces the requirements of the company, asking interested students to submit their resumes, which are then handed over to the company.
  • The company is required to shortlist candidates from the application pool and eligibility data file sent and send the same with short listed candidates to the Placement Office at the earliest.
  • A mutually convenient date is finalized for the selection process/ recruitment drive.

Eligibility & Registration

  • All full time final year students of IIMS are eligible to participate in the recruitment process for placements through the Training and Placement (T&P) Cell except those:
  • Students who have got 02 and more backlogs pending (not eligible).
  • students who have not submitted their SIP/Dissertation (not eligible).
  • All the students eligible for on-campus/off campus recruitment activities have to register themselves with T&P.

CV And Verification

  • The eligible students are required to submit CV along with the data excel sheet format in the T&P Cell and also upload their photograph in the CV.
  • It is expected that a student shall NOT add any ambiguous/ wrong/fraudulent/misleading information in his/her resume. Resume checks will continue throughout the placement process. If, on verification, any discrepancies are found, the student would be de-barred from placements. This may also attract strict disciplinary action.

Selection Process

  • One student is allowed to secure only one job. Therefore after one secures a job, one would be automatically deregistered from that day onwards.
  • As more than one company would be visiting the campus, there may be a possibility that one student secures more than one job on the same day. Therefore,
  • Each eligible student will be required to fill up his/her individual preferences in advance for each placement day, ranking the companies he/she has applied to/ has been shortlisted on a particular day, in the descending order of his/her choice. The preferences are editable till a day before the recruitment event while official working hours.

These Preferences Shall Be Used In Case:

  • The student gets selected in more than one company on the same placement day.
  • A company wants to make an on-the-spot offer to the student before the selection procedure for the day is over.
  • In case a student gets selected in 2 or more companies on the same day, then the company ranked higher in the preference order of the student will be the one where the student would be finally considered placed.
  • In case a company decides to offer the student an on-the-spot job offer before the entire placement process for that day is over then he/she will NOT be allowed to appear further for the placement process of the other companies which were ranked lower in preference than the company that made on-the-spot offer. The student will, however, be allowed to appear in such company/ies, which were higher in preference order than the one which offered the job.
  • In case a student does not fill the preference order for a placement day, then he/she will NOT be allowed to continue to appear for the placement process of the other companies.
  • It is therefore advised that one MUST register their preference ASAP.
  • In case a company does not give its final selection list on the same day it visits the campus, then the students will be allowed to appear in other companies visiting on subsequent days till they finally get selected. However, if a student has already been selected by a company that came on the subsequent day & the company that deferred its decision also makes an offer to him/her later on, then:
  • In case more than one result of selected student(s) comes on the same day, then the student will be given an option to choose between company of the previous day and the company of the day.
  • In case the result of the company (which deferred its selection process) gives its result on a day later than the day when the student was selected by another company, this late offer will be rejected and the company would be informed.

Acceptance Of Offers :

  • Selected students would get the message on their mails id. After this stage the student would be required to accept their offer from the T&P Cell within 24 hours of declaration of the result. In case the offer is not accepted within 24 hours, one would not be allowed to participate further. It is advised that the students accept the offer immediately through the T&P Cell.
  • Re-registration requests will be entertained from 10 AM at 5 PM on working days only. Re-registration can take up to half a working day after receipt of the stamped payment voucher from the accounts office.
  • If for whatever reasons the student remains absent from any stage/round of selection process he/she would be immediately de-registered from T&P and would not be allowed to take part in the placements till he/she gets himself/herself re-registered.
  • Impersonation in tests or any kind of malpractice is a serious offence. Such students would be deregistered immediately and also will be referred to the concerned authorities for disciplinary action.
  • A list of companies coming on-campus for recruitment is put up on the T&P website/Notice Board. Students must NOT apply to any of these companies off-campus.In all such cases suitable action as per the institute rules would be would be initiated apart from the candidates being deregistered.
  • Students are NOT allowed to appear in final selection process (test/GD/interview etc) of companies they have not applied to through the T&P system or have not been shortlisted in those companies. Students must refrain from contacting personnel of such companies when they are on-campus. Violation of this will attract deregistration and suitable disciplinary action.

General Advice :

  • Students must carry their I-cards at all times during interviews & screening tests. No one would be allowed to enter the test/interview venue without the I-card.
  • The date/time/venue of the interviews will be subject to changes which, at times, may be at a short notice. Students must keep themselves well informed by visiting the T&P Cell.
  • Students must carry a complete file with a few copies of the resume, original certificates (if possible) and copies thereof while appearing for the interviews.
  • At the time of appearing for interviews, students MUST carry copies of the T&P resume only, as was submitted to that company online & NO other resume. Discrepancies in resumes are not appreciated by companies and may become a cause for rejection.
  • While appearing for the process of recruitment activities, all the students have to wear formal dress and look tidy on the day on of on campus/off campus placements.