Beyond The University Curriculum

Beyond The University Curriculum

IIMS has taken up several initiatives like offering value-added courses and interfacing with the industry to bridge the gap between the curriculum and the requirements of the industry. At IIMS, Students are not confined to Classroom learning only. They also get a choice of additional certificate courses from International Universities of Repute though Blended-Classroom & Online Teaching.

IIMS regularly emphasizes on learning beyond the curriculum and designs certain courses to make the students industry ready.


Srl No. Name of the Value Added Course Year Of Continuation
1 HR Analytics 2020-21
Digital Marketing 2020-21
Financial Analytics 2020-21
Soft Skills(4 Modules) 2020-21


2 HR Generalist Training Programme 2018-2019
Equity Analytics 2018-2019
Integrated Marketing Communication 2018-2019
Introduction to Banking and Insurance Portfolio 2018-2019
Quality Management 2018-2019
3 HR Generalist Training Programme 2017-2018
Equity Analytics 2017-2018
Integrated Marketing Communication 2017-2018
Introduction to Banking and Insurance Portfolio 2017-2018
Quality Management 2017-2018
4 HR Generalist Training Programme 2016-2017
Equity Analytics 2016-2017
Integrated Marketing Communication 2016-2017
Quality Mangement 2016-2017
5. HR Generalist Training Programme 2015-2016
Quality Management 2015-2016
Integrated Marketing Communication 2015-2016
6. HR Generalist Training Programme 2014-2015
Integrated Marketing Communication 2014-2015
7. Integrated Marketing Communication 2013-2014
HR Generalist Training Programme 2013-2014

IIMS along with other Universities of Repute offers courses on –
  • Logistics Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Industry 4.0
  • Business Communication
  • Six Sigma
  • Social Media Marketing

The Courses and Certification may vary from course to course. The courses offered are powered by NPTEL,COURSE ERA and other Similar MOOC program.