Yashomanthan ISSN(Print) : 2347-8039

International Institute of Management Science is a research-focused business school which endeavours to nurture research. The institute has recognized research as its thrust area and is working together to make it as a known research centre. The institute provides its faculty all infrastructure facilities and amenities to accomplish research which includes online databases, individual laptops, high-speed internet connectivity, full sponsorship to attend training programmers and conferences etc.
IIMS regularly publishes its In house Journal – "Yashomanthan"

"YASHOMANTHAN" is a peer reviewed multidisciplinary research journal which aims at publishing high quality research findings in all sub-areas of commerce, Management science and Information Technology. The journal aims to publish research papers that can be theoretical, empirical and/or application oriented. The basic aim of the journal is to encourage research on new developments and perspectives in the field of commerce, Management science and Information Technology.

Author Guidelines

  • Authors must ensure that their papers are free of spelling and grammatical errors and typos.
  • Research papers and research notes should not exceed 8,000 and 3,000 words, respectively.
  • The first page of an article should contain the title of the paper, name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s) and an abstract not exceeding 200 words.
  • The first page should also contain five key words according to the Classification System for Journal Articles as used by the Journal of Economic Literature.
  • Equations in the text should be numbered consecutively using Arabic numerals within simple brackets and aligned against the right margin.
  • All appendices should be numbered consecutively using upper case roman numerals and shown before the list of references.
  • When formulae displayed have been derived by the author, the full derivations should be given on separate sheets (not to be published) for the information of the referees.
  • References should be cited within the text as follows: According to Wickremasinghe (2005), foreign exchange market … These results are inconsistent with those of other studies (Perera, 1995; Silva, 2000)
  • List of references should show each citation in alphabetical order.
  • Author should register with the journal before submitting manuscripts. Don't forget to choose "author when you register in www.macrothink.org/jmr for uploading your manuscript succefully online.
  • Page proofs will be sent to the corresponding author. The corrected manuscripts should be submitted within 5 working days.

Current & Past Issues -

Yashomanthan 2023

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Yashomanthan 2022

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Yashomanthan 2021 & older

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